General conditions apply to us (called " Our Company " in the following) and to all persons ordering from the Lovastic® website (referred to as " Customer" in the following).
The general conditions are subject to change at any time and are immediately, if appropriate, applicable to new orders.

The General Conditions apply to all orders (called "Order" in the following text) placed by the Customer.
For each Order, the Customer confirms having read and accepted the Terms and Conditions.
For each order completed, the Customer agrees to purchase the final product as indicated on the website at the time of the Order.
For each Order, the Customer provides a mailing address and a delivery email address. All communications concerning the Order placed by the Customer will be sent by Our Company to the Customer through the email address provided. Communications sent to the email address the Customer provided will be deemed received and read by the Client address.

The postal delivery address provided by the Customer will be used as the delivery address of the Order. Any change of the postal delivery address by the Customer must be made within 48 hours after the completion of the Order by the Customer. This change of postal delivery address will be considered only to the extent that the Order has not yet been sent to the Customer.
The Customer agrees to provide true and accurate information and answers to Our Company of any damage due to incorrect or false information.
Our Company does not deliver parcels to PO boxes and does not deliver any goods to customer minors or under guardianship, unless written permission from parents or guardian.
Our Company reserves the right to refuse any Order made ​​by the Customer, without the obligation to give any reason.

Prices shown are in Swiss francs, net amounts including VAT. A contribution to the shipping fee is charged for each order, as indicated on the Order Form.
Before placing any Order, the Customer must fill the registration form offered on the website.
The amount of the order made ​​by the Customer must be fully paid in advance, as well as shipping costs and payment by bank or postal card (Visa, MasterCard & Postcard flow). Upon acceptance of payment (payment system chosen by the Customer), the Order will be validated and registered.
Our Company can in no way be held responsible for a malfunction of the payment system. The risk of such a problem is supported by the Client.
Once the Order is confirmed and validated, the Order is processed, prepared and shipped. The goods are shipped within 15 working days maximum (holidays and weekends excluded). The day of the shipping, an email will be sent to the Customer to inform him that his Order has been shipped. In the case of an inability to ship the Order within 30 days, the Customer may cancel the order by mail only, sent to Our Company Customer Service. This cancellation shall be valid only if it reaches Our Company Customer Service 24 hours before shipping. Otherwise, the Order can not be canceled. Moreover, in these conditions, after a period of 40 days from the Order, the cancellation of the Order is no longer possible.
In case of a valid cancellation as described above, or decided by Our Company, the Customer will be refunded the amount paid for the Order for balance of all accounts and all claims. Customer claims being limited to a full refund of the amount paid for the order, the Customer shall in no way claim additional damages or interest from Our Company.

Delivery is made by the Postal Service or another agent chosen by Our Company. Delivery is either in packages or in packages signature.
Risks concerning the shipping of products of the Order to the postal delivery address provided by the Customer (risks such as loss, wrong postal delivery address, damage, destruction, etc…) are borne entirely by the Customer and Our Company can not be held responsible for such risks. The Customer is also responsible for any error in the address of the postal delivery address and Our Company can not be held responsible for failure to deliver the order in such a case.
In the case of unclaimed parcels, all costs involved are borne by the Customer. Our Company can not be held responsible for unclaimed packages or postal delivery notice not filed. Risks related to transport are also borne by the Customer. If reshipping an Order, the Customer shall first pay the expenses related.
If the Order is back to office, a communication email will be sent to the email address provided by the Customer during the Order. If no answer is received after one month from the date of the sending of the communication mail, it will lead to a release from the obligation of delivery of the Order to the Customer by Our Company and Our Company reserves the right to cancel the Order and retain the amount paid at the Order by the Client.
Upon receipt of the order by the Customer, the Customer shall verify the compliance of the Order and / or the apparent defects (damages, damaged product, wrong quantity, etc…). If the Order was delivered by parcel signature, any visible anomaly should be noted by the Customer on the carrier’s bill of lading. The Order will be considered as completed and verified upon signing the delivery note by the Customer or any other person.

Our Company excludes any liability for slight negligence or simple negligence and responds only direct damages for which the customer can prove that they are caused by gross negligence of Our Company.
In case of liability of Our Company, the latter is limited to the price of the order delivered or the service provided. Any further liability of Our Company, mandated third-parties or auxiliaries for damages or interest is excluded. In particular, Customer waives all claim for compensation for damages or interests that do not affect the delivered goods.
Customer assumes full responsibility for the choice of purchase and can in no way implicate the responsibility of Our Company in the case of a total or partial inability to use Lovastic® or in the case of dissatisfaction with the desired effects.
The Customer acknowledges that the Lovastic® effects described are not guaranteed and depend on many factors (such as the daily usage time, compliance with instructions and directions for use, the activity of the Customer, etc…). In no way shall Our Company be held liable for Customer dissatisfaction about the desired effects and such a condition does not justify the return of the product to Our Company or any compensation or damage claim whatsoever.
In all cases, any claim in damages and interests will be limited to the amount paid by the Customer at the time of Order.
The Customer acknowledges that the information present at Lovastic® website and the information provided with the product of the Order are neither complete nor exhaustive and that this information does not deal with the integrality of the concerned subjects. He accepts that the use of the website and Lovastic® is under his sole responsibility, control and direction.
The Customer assumes full responsibility for lesions, pain and injury resulting from misuse of Lovastic® or non- compliance with Lovastic®’s employment guidelines.

Return Procedure, Warranty
All returns due to non-compliance shall be subject to a prior request to Our Company Customer Service within 3 days of receipt of the Order to obtain information about the procedure. Returned merchandise will be considered only in cases where it has not been worn or damaged and is returned in its original packaging and accompanied by proof of purchase. Return time is 7 days from the date of receipt of the Order. After this time, or without prior request to Our Company Customer Service, any return will be refused.
In case of return by the Customer of the goods following the procedure above, the shipping associated with the return and the risks (loss, damage, etc…) are borne by the Customer. Our Company’s obligations are limited to exchange the goods through a standard exchange or refund the Customer the amount paid for the order less shipping.

Customer Obligations
The Customer undertakes to use the product according to instructions supplied with the product and received in the Order. The Customer also agrees to retain proof of purchase and the original packaging of the product that may be requested in case of return.

Data Protection and Privacy Policy
The Customer agrees to receive advertising or other Our Company information. If he no longer wishes to receive it, he may at any time contact the Customer Service or follow the instructions displayed in the informational message.
All personal data will be kept confidential. Information necessary for the management of the Order will be processed by computer and can be communicated to associates in the context of Order management.

Company Information
Our Company SARL
Numa- Droz 31
CH- 2300 La Chaux -de -Fonds

Applicable Law
These terms and conditions as well as the sales held by Our Company are governed by Swiss law. The place of execution for all claims and legal disputes for is in La Chaux-de-Fonds exclusively.

Original text
The general conditions of being written in several languages, in case of contradiction, the French version shall prevail.
La Chaux-de-Fonds, March 2014