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Lovastic Black Panther

Lovastic Black Panther is an incredible value : soft, super comfortable and it looks great. Made out of long-lasting quality material. And on top of that, they help you to improve your sexual performance.


One Lovastic Underwear, Made in Italy, 100% Cotton, Soft and Comfortable, Machine Washable

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Patented Solution

Lovastic being the world's first underwear to help treat Premature Ejaculation, it is also a beautiful, innovative and patent-protected product.


No Side Effect

Composed of natural materials treated against allergies, Lovastic activity focuses on the sensitive epidermis. So no worries to have about the regular functioning of your body.



Providing a non-medicated remedy, Lovastic offers a natural way of working on the sensitivity of the penis to achieve customized requirements specific to each person.



Made out of the best natural materials, Lovastic’s design allows you to be as comfortable as possible and is adjustable to different sizes of penis.


Better Control

Become more confident about your performance now that your underwear is working for you and start enjoying a better control on your sensitivity and sexual performance.


Discrete and Simple

Designed with care to be simple and discrete, Lovastic looks exactly like any other underwear and you will never have to worry about its style.



Restore your pride and your confidence! Improve your relationship now and start benefiting from longer sex. And make Premature Ejaculation an old memory.


Swiss Engineered

Our Swiss engineers and designers apply innovative thinking, well thought-through design and vast years of experience to ensure exceptional performance and quality in each one.


Crafted in Italy

Enjoy the comfort and quality of Italian made underwear, crafted by the best workers of the Italian textile industry.

How It Works

Lovastic is a simple and discreet undergarment allowing better control of the ejaculation and is the only underwear that extends the duration of sexual intercourse by reducing the hypersensitivity of the penis through controlled alteration.

Postulate: Ejaculation depends directly on the penile hypersensitivity. If hypersensitivity of the penis decreases, the ejaculation is delayed!
Specifically, Lovastic is based on the fact that ejaculation occurs by the stimulation of the penis. By changing the sensitivity of the penis, the ejaculation delay is changed. The lower the hypersensitivity, the later the ejaculation. And vice versa.

Thanks to the Lovastic patented innovative design, leg movements create a very slight friction on the penis, thereby altering the sensitivity of the penis. The results are fast and already appear after a few days!
In this way, and quite naturally, Lovastic allows you to improve your sexual performance without any effort.

The use of Lovastic is the optimal solution for all men suffering from premature ejaculation or wishing to improve their sexual performance.

Stop suffering and take action: order your Lovastic now and enjoy its benefits. Make Premature Ejaculation an old memory ...


The advantages of using Lovastic are numerous, especially when compared to the solutions already on the market:

  • Discrete
  • Effective
  • No side effects
  • No adverse effects on erection or fertility
  • No product dependency
  • And many others...

Try it and you will love it! Only wearing Lovastic will convince you of its effects!